About Us

At Celestial Discs, we sell quality disc golf products at affordable prices from the brands we love and know will help you play your best game!

We are a family-based shop owned and run by Eric and Emily Mullaly. We have five children; three daughters, aged 24, 21, and 14, and two sons, aged 17 and 6.

With ten years of being in business, 20 years of disc golfing experience, and over 100,000 discs sold, consider yourself in good hands here at Celestial Discs.

The Celestial Story:

I, Eric Mullaly, started selling discs as Disc Golf and Glass in 2013 in Klamath Falls, Oregon, to make discs less expensive and more accessible for local players. When a disc didn't sell to one of the local players, I listed them on eBay. 

In 2014, I met Emily, my now-wife, and everything changed for us, including the business. Without her, none of this would have ever been possible. One of the first business ideas we developed was an idea for a doubles tournament called Don't Blame Your Partner, where Emily designed our first-ever custom stamp.

In 2015, Emily became fully involved with the business, so we wanted to start fresh with the business name to reflect more of our personalities. With my disc golf knowledge and her business and marketing experience, we knew nothing could prevent us from being very successful together in time, and in our eyes, the sky was the limit. We also love astronomy, so we renamed our fledgling company Celestial Discs.

It felt like overnight; customers put us on the map. Things took off from there. Customers loved our designs, we opened a brick-and-mortar store, and we hosted tournament after tournament. We felt like we were on the map overnight, and things took off from there. 

In the fall of 2016, we hit a significant setback. Emily was hospitalized for months while pregnant with our son due to complications with the pregnancy. She, thankfully, was able to give birth to a healthy six-week premature baby boy, but it has taken a long time for her to heal and commit the same level of energy back to the business again.

In the summer of 2019, we left Oregon and moved to Iowa. Moving to Iowa, we are physically closer to all our major manufacturers. As a result, we get discs in half the time and can get them to almost anywhere in the country faster, which started to reinvigorate the business. 

In our ten years in business, we have helped thousands of people get the disc they want in their hands while creating a variety of popular discs featuring our custom art and hosting many tournaments, sanctioned and unsanctioned.

Despite all of the ups and downs, Celestial Discs continues to focus on providing our favorite brands of discs, accessories, and apparel to help everyone get the products that can help them improve their game and grow disc golf.  

Team Celestial

Early on, we established a small team of disc golfers, Team Celestial Discs, which has grown dramatically over the years. Today, our team of laid-back amateur and professional disc golfers, including myself and my 17-year-old son, Grahm, is going on its 8th year. Please visit the Team Celestial page here to learn more about the team.

My Sponsorship Story:

Although we support a team of players, and I strive to be a great disc golfer, I never thought about the possibility of being sponsored by a disc golf manufacturer. This year, I had the opportunity to be on the street team of a great new manufacturer, Lone Star Discs, but I ended up turning it down.

Coincidently, shortly after, Prodigy asked me if I knew anyone who could represent Prodigy well on and off the course. Thinking about my history with Prodigy and how they were one of the first brands of discs I sold, I decided to apply. As a result, I am proud to announce that I will be representing Team Prodigy as part of their ambassador team. For the first time in my 20-year career, I will be bagging only one manufacturer, and I look forward to sharing with you all my disc transitions.

In addition to Prodigy, I will still also promote the other great manufacturers whose products we sell, including Innova, Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64, Westside, Lone Star, Discraft, and more.